The DirectTrust community has entered into a collaborative agreement with non-profit EHNAC (The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission) to develop and offer an Accreditation Program for Trusted Agents, which include Health Internet Service Providers, HISPs, Certificate Authorities, CAs, and Registration Authorities, RAs.  Our Accreditation Program is flexible and recognizes the diversity of combinations of these agents that exist in the market place.  For example, some EHR vendors are implementing Direct, and in effect playing all three of these roles for their own customers; while other EHRs and PHRs are pairing up with full service HISPs and CAs in order to take advantage of the special expertise in PKI management these have. 

Successful accreditation leads to the recognition of those companies via both the DirectTrust and EHNAC websites, and inclusion of their anchor certificates in the DirectTrust Anchor Bundle Distribution Program from DirectTrust (See for more information on DirectTrust's anchor bundles.)   

Accreditation Criteria

All Accreditation criteria for CAs, RAs and HISPs can be found at the EHNAC site by clicking here.

Accreditation Application

To apply for EHNAC-DirectTrust accreditation, please follow this link to EHNAC and fill out the pre-application form.

As of March, 2015, there are 36 fully accredited HISPs, CAs, and RAs, and one fully accredited CA/RA. There are 15 candidate accredited HISPs, CAs, and RAs.  View logos of these organizations here

Also, see this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for additional help.