Trust Anchor Bundle Operations Workgroup 

Open to all DirectTrust members

Project Lead(s)

Greg Meyer, Cerner 

Date and Time of Weekly Calls

Thursdays at 3:00 ET

Workgroup Objectives:

The Trust Anchor Bundle Operations Workgroup is charged with defining the policies and procedures for maintaining trust bundles within the DirectTrust community.  Responsibilities include defining the bundle profiles within community, outlining the process of anchor submission, enumerating the criteria by with anchors are categorized into bundles, defining roles for bundle administration, and designing the workflow that encapsulates the management process.

Bundles produced and managed by DirectTrust conform to the DirectProject implementation guide for trust bundles.  Anchors contained within DirectTrust bundles conform to the criteria required by the accreditation program and the DirectTrust certificate policy.


  • Define set of trust bundles profiles and enumerate the criteria of inclusion in each bundle.
  • Define a trust bundle management workflow to facilitate the operational aspects of trust bundle management.
  • Identify the technical requirements to implement the trust bundle management workflow.       

In Progress:

  • Define an initial trust bundle for the beta accreditation program.
  • Design an initial tactical approach for trust bundle management for the beta program.  The intention of this approach is to get something working and is not intended to be a long term solution.