At the DirectTrust Summit in June 2019, we asked our members to share why they are in involved in DirectTrust and how they believe we collectively are pushing interoperability forward.

Hear what our members had to say or read the transcript below.

Why DirectTrust


Leslie Kelly Hall- Founder, Engaging Patient Strategies, Consulting Executive, LifeWIRE Group

Every one of us have had a story of how they themselves or their family member was not getting appropriate care because the information was not available. The information was not correct. It was not timely. So, why do I believe in DirectTrust? I believe that a trusted framework that includes the patient means that all of us can coproduce health in the ways the patients prefer. That’s why.


Larry Garber, MD– Medical Director for Informatics Reliant Medical Group

At Reliant Medical Group, we’ve currently set up subscriptions with all of the emergency rooms in our region, and what that means is that whenever my patient shows up in the emergency room, my EHR is automatically notified that my patient is there and using Direct Secure Messaging facilitated by DirectTrust, my EHR automatically sends them the information that they need to provide the highest quality care to my patients in the emergency room every single time.


Theresa Bell– President and Chief Technologist Officer, Kno2

Well, Direct Secure Messaging is the only network available for replacing the manual error prone fax-based processes today, and absolutely has had an impact on improving patient care by allowing the secure exchange of important critical patient information across the network.


Julie Maas– Founder and CEO, EMR Direct

The capability to know that the organization and end user identity have been verified, participation terms have and will continue to be met, is something the DirectTrust framework uniquely enables.


Justin McMartin– Senior Product Analyst, Surescripts

The framework that DirectTrust has created and what we have been able to provide to that has been exciting, and is a testament to the healthcare industry and how we’ve been able to exchange hundreds of millions of patient records now from it.


Jon Elwell- CEO Kno2

I think the two things that are most exciting to me are the relief given to providers and the importance given back to the patient. It’s a relief to the providers: the amount of time that’s being spent on the exchange of patient information is just ridiculous, right? That needs to be solved and become much more efficient and give them time back to do what they want to do, which is caring for patients. As it relates to patients, having the right information at the right place at the right time is critically important. All too often you’re limited by your capability to provide care because you don’t have the right information. So, I think the patient will garner much benefit from this as well.


Matt Jillings– Senior Sales Director, Secure Exchange Solutions

Now that Direct is almost ubiquitous among the provider community, I’m excited about not only the growth in new addresses but the number of transactions per address, so that tells me that people are really adopting Direct but also doing it at the expense of faxing, also looking at additional use cases for the use of Direct as well to benefit patients and providers.


Anupam Goel, MD, MBA– Chief Health Information Officer, United Healthcare Clinical Services

I can imagine DirectTrust and United thinking about how we might advance the work around how we manage claims and prior authorization in new ways, that minimize the friction between providers and members and payers.


Wes Donohoe– VP of Product, OneMedical

Because we operate in nine major markets throughout the United States, we only focus on primary care, we actually need to work with DirectTrust to put standards in place so that in each market we’re not building custom interoperability with healthcare systems. We’re actually standardizing our approach and DirectTrust’s partnership is hugely valuable to us in that effort.


Hugh Gilenson– Director, Healthcare, DataMotion

We are a very democratic organization and there is room in DirectTrust for everyone, from a patient to a leading EHR, to have a say in the direction of our policy and how we execute.


Bruce Schreiber– Chief Technology Officer, MedAllies

Do you want to influence the future, do you want to have a say in the growth and change in healthcare and the growth and change in electronics and delivery of healthcare data? If you do, join us in DirectTrust. That’s what we do. We develop policy. We develop reasons for a relying party to rely on electronic transactions. If you want to be part of the future, if you want to have a say, join up.


Vince Albanese– CEO, Haven Health Solutions

The opportunity to participate with DirectTrust means we’re taking a holistic solution, a global solution and combining all these local efforts into something positive. So fundamentally, this is about us having a responsibility: we are all patients on the end.