Consensus Body: DS2019_02 Trusted Instant Messaging

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 Designation of Proposed Standard: DS2019_02_v01

Title of Standard: Trusted Instant Messaging (TIM+)

Project Intent: Create new ANS

Abstract of Project: Trusted Instant Messaging+ (TIM+) defines a protocol that facilitates real-time communication and incorporates secure messaging concepts to ensure information is transmitted securely between known, trusted entities both within and across enterprises. TIM+ will determine the availability or presence of trusted endpoints and support text-based communication and file transfers.

Project Need: There are times when those participating in health care simply need to communicate with one another in real-time fashion, usually in short messages requiring minimal effort to produce, to help most efficiently accomplish their daily tasks. Much real-time communication between participants in the health care system today is accomplished via phone resulting in an undesired “phone tag” loop that requires the initiator and/or recipient to leave their natural workflows resulting in inefficiencies. Some participants are left with utilizing unsecure methods such as regular text messaging (SMS). Given these realities, TIM+ can improve real-time communications among the varied health care participants and build upon progress being made through various communities and existing technology providers.

Stakeholders: (a) Healthcare providers or provider organizations (b) Payers (c) Healthcare Administrative staff( d) Governmental agencies (e) Non-profit organizations (f) Patient or consumer advocates (g) Information Technology Companies, (h) Interoperability and Systems Integration Companies, (i)General Interest

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October 8, 2019 1:00 pm ET

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