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WASHINGTON, DC–(Marketwired - Feb 13, 2017) - DirectTrust today released for public comment a white paper containing more than 50 recommendations aimed at the more than 350 EHR vendors and HIT products’ vendors that provide Direct Interoperability, urging them to significantly improve the usability of their products for secure, interoperable clinical messaging. The paper, “Feature and Function Recommendations to the HIT Industry to Optimize Clinician Usability of Direct Interoperability to Enhance Patient Care,” was authored by a DirectTrust workgroup whose members are physicians and nurses with significant experience using Direct messaging to support health record sharing for care coordination and transitions of care.

The paper contains recommendations to vendors for standardizing and enhancing their users’ experience in handling both inbound and outbound Direct clinical messages, and for facilitating how the clinical information exchanged during care coordination is managed and used. The paper ranks the recommendations into three categories: Required/Urgently Needed Highly Desired and Advanced/Future Development. Examples of “Required” recommendations include: that EHR software send Direct messages in “real time”, not in delayed or batch mode; that multiple, common structured and unstructured file formats can be attached to any Direct message; e.g. PDF, Word, CCDA; and that all EHR systems must be able to automate patient matching of incoming Direct messages for patients that already exist in the recipient EHR.