Learn how to leverage the DirectTrust trust framework in support of FHIR, eliminating the need for one-off agreements and the duplication of organizational identity proofing for each new pair of exchange partners.

Following on last summer’s white paper co-authored with HL7’s FHIR Product Manager, Grahame Grieve and DirectTrust titled “Direct, DirectTrust, and FHIR: A Value Proposition”, DirectTrust member HISPs have been working within the HL7 and Direct communities to demonstrate how DirectTrust‘s trust framework can be leveraged to support more widespread use of FHIR.

In this webinar, presenters Calvin Beebe (Mayo Clinic), Luis Maas (EMR Direct), Julie Maas (EMR Direct), Don Jorgenson (Inpriva), Jim Fisher (MedAllies), and Bruce Schreiber (MaxMD), will articulate both the benefits of this technology pairing and their experience to date in demonstrating the use of Direct and FHIR together through:

1) Certificates used to support FHIR transactions and
2) FHIR transactions transported within Direct messages.

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