DirectTrust Basics

What is the Provider Directory Data Aggregation Service and who can access the information?

The DirectTrust Provider Directory Data Aggregation Service is designed to promote interoperability of Direct exchange by encouraging the sharing of Direct Address information among DirectTrust accredited HISPs and their Subscribers on a non-commerical basis, while maintaining the integrity and currency of the Direct Address information.    For more information about the DirectTrust Provider Directory Data Aggregation Service, you can email Admin@DirectTrust.org.

How do we become a member of DirectTrust?
To become a member of DirectTrust you will simply need to fill out the membership application and pay your membership dues.
How can I pay my membership dues or renew my membership?
You can pay your membership dues by PayPal or by check. To pay via PayPal go to http://www.directtrust.org/pay-dues/. To pay via check, mail to: DirectTrust.org Member Services, P.O. Box 2885, Blairsville, GA 30512.
Does DirectTrust provide secure email services or Direct addresses?
No, not directly. DirectTrust is a non-profit trade association that develops and maintains the policies, standards, and practices that support the trusted and effective use of Direct messaging. Organizations become members of DirectTrust to have a voice in the development of these policies, network with similar organizations, and stay abreast of the continually evolving regulatory environment. To exchange messages via Direct, you will need to partner with a HISP (health information service provider). The DTAAP accredited HISPs (http://www.directtrust.org/accreditation-status/) have undergone a rigorous testing and audit process to show that they are in compliance with the DirectTrust Certificate Policy. So it’s not DirectTrust that provides Direct messaging services, it is the accredited HISPs.
How can I find out if an organization is a member of DirectTrust?

To see a list of DirectTrust Members go to https://www.directtrust.org/our-members/

What are the benefits to becoming a Member of DirectTrust?

One of the primary benefits of membership with DirectTrust is the opportunity to impact the development of the nation’s trust framework by participating in the DirectTrust Workgroups. Membership also provides you with access to DirectTrust.org intellectual property through the Members Only section of the website. Additionally, you will have access to up-to-date information and reports on Federal, State, and industry level standards and regulations as they continue to evolve. Lastly, DirectTrust Members receive discounted access to DirectTrust.org products, including the Direct accreditation process. For more information, contact Admin@DirectTrust.org.


EHNAC-DirectTrust Accreditation Program

Who may be accredited?
The joint EHNAC-DirectTrust voluntary accreditation program accredits entities who perform as “trusted agents” for user/subscribers of Directed exchange, including Health Internet Service Providers (HISPs), Certificate Authorities (CAs), and Registration Authorities (RAs). The name of the program is the Direct Trusted Agent Accreditation Program, and it became available for candidates’ application on February 4, 2013 after more than a year of preparation and planning.
How do I become a DTAAP Accredited HISP/RA/CA?

DirectTrust has entered into a collaborative agreement with non-profit EHNAC (The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission) to develop and offer an Accreditation Program for Trusted Agents, which includes Health Internet Service Providers (HISPs), Certificate Authorities (CAs), and Registration Authorities (RAs). Our Accreditation Program is flexible and recognizes the diversity of combinations of these agents that exist in the market place. For example, some EHR vendors are implementing Direct, and in effect playing all three of these roles for their own customers, while other EHRs and PHRs are pairing up with full service HISPs and CAs in order to take advantage of the special expertise in PKI management these have.


To apply for EHNAC-DirectTrust accreditation, please follow this link to EHNAC and fill out the pre-application form.

What are the benefits of EHNAC-DirectTrust accreditation?
Accreditation of your HISP, CA, and/or RA by EHNAC-DirectTrust brings recognition that your organization operates at a very high level of privacy, security, and trust in identity, and signals to users/subscribers that you are a trustworthy agent and service provider for Directed exchange services. Accreditation also means that your anchor certificates may be included in the Trusted Anchor Bundle Distribution Service that is provided by DirectTrust (see www.services.directtrust.org). Distribution of trusted anchor bundles is DirectTrust members’ way of creating federated trust among the DirectTrust community, eliminating the need for most costly bi-directional contracts and time-consuming negotiations between each HISP that wishes to exchange Direct messages and attachments with other HISPs and their users/subscribers. Accreditation provides clarity, transparency, and choice as to levels of assurance of certificates issued by DirectTrust community members, and for use by relying parties in Directed exchange.
Where can I find the EHNAC FAQ's?

Trust Bundle

How do we join the Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle?
To join the Accredited Trust Bundle, you will need to apply to the Trust Anchor Approval Committee, and upload your certificates and other artifacts for review by the Committee.  Instructions and detailed information are available at the DirectTrust Trust Network Services website at services.directtrust.org.   You will need meet the following requirements for inclusion in the Bundle: 1. The HISP and CA/RA must sign the Federated Services Agreement with DirectTrust.  The FSA is a legal document that binds the Direct service provider to its terms and conditions. 2. The HISP and CA/RA must have paid its initial annual fees for use of the DirectTrust Anchor Certificate Services. 3. The HISP and CA/RA must be fully-accredited and audited by EHNAC-DirectTrust. When these requirements are met: A. The HISP must submit to the Approval Committee the following artifacts via the website: 1. All trust anchor file(s). 2. Sample end-entity certificate(s) chaining to each trust anchor 3. Completed profile spreadsheet Once your submission is complete, the Trust Anchor Approval Committee will be notified and will review your submission in a timely manner.
Is there a list of HISPs in the Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle?

Yes, go to https://services.directtrust.org/about_accredited_bundle/#table for a list of HISPs in the Accredited Trust Bundle