DirectTrust Publications and Formal Comments

DirectTrust comments on CMS 1695

Executive Summary For the best clinical and financial results, patients and their families need to be engaged in their care, to the extent that their conditions permit. Patients do better when they understand their illnesses and how their own actions can increase the...

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Statement from DirectTrust regarding the EFAIL Vulnerability

Summary EFAIL is a set of attacks used to exploit vulnerabilities in email clients that decrypt and display PGP and S/MIME encrypted messages by coercing them into sending the decrypted text of the emails to an attacker. Properly implemented, Direct is NOT vulnerable....

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Direct, DirectTrust, and FHIR: A Value Proposition

Introduction FHIR is a new standard that defines a web API and related specifications for health data exchange. Direct is an existing federal standard that is widely used in the USA for the exchange of healthcare data. There are differing views across the healthcare...

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