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Thank you for your interest in, Inc. (“”). This is an application to join We welcome new members from all of the eligible categories described below, including those who are converting their membership in the wiki site provided by to full membership in To keep the administrative process for membership simple, this application form has several Parts.

Part 1: Membership Process Information
Part 2: Specifies basic demographic and contact information
Part 3: Membership Eligibility
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Part 1: Membership Process Information

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Please complete the following application and pay online with PayPal on our payment page. Once we have confirmed your eligibility for membership, we will send you a new member welcome letter to the address you have provided.

Part 2: Demographic and Contact Information

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Part 3: Membership Eligibility

Key Provisions of Bylaws

Members must be committed to, and understand, the nature and purposes of Following are key provisions from the Bylaws of, Inc., Inc. (""), is a non-stock, not-for-profit corporation. To qualify for membership, a member must attest that the member is committed to the purposes of, and must be in good standing in the payment of dues. Each organization that is a member must be represented within by a duly-authorized individual. The Board of Directors of has the right to deny or rescind membership if it is determined, in the Board’s sole discretion, that due to legal actions, complaints, industry reputation, business, marketing, advertising or other practices, or non-compliance with any Directed exchange business practices required for good standing with, a member or prospective member is incompatible with the purpose of as set forth in the Certificate of Incorporation or's tax exempt status. A member whose membership is rescinded by the Board shall have a pro rata portion of the member’s dues refunded, based on the number of months in the current membership year that follow the rescission.

Membership in is open to all those with a business interest in the adoption and success of Directed exchange over the Internet of electronic health information as part of the Nationwide Health Information Network, including: any Directed exchange participant who is a provider or user of Directed exchange services; any healthcare provider organization, any person providing services to healthcare providers, any governmental entity, any educational or scientific research organization and any other nongovernmental entity serving the healthcare industry, with an interest in Directed exchange. To ensure diversity of viewpoints, it is intended that the membership of be drawn from all of the following categories:

  • Corporations, partnerships, and other for-profit entities;
  • Individuals with an interest in the Nationwide Health Information Network not otherwise eligible for membership in a group or institutional category;
  • Medical and dental practices, including enterprises with physicians, dentists or other medically trained personnel that provide direct medical services and/or managed care services to patients;
  • Nonprofit professional, charitable, scientific or educational organizations that qualify under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, including patient and consumer advocacy organizations;
  • Hospitals and healthcare systems, including enterprises with medically trained personnel that provide direct medical services and/or managed care services to patients;
  • Academic medical centers and related teaching hospital(s) and clinic(s);
  • Public agencies, including federal, state, city, and county agencies and special governmental districts or entities; and
  • Full-time students at accredited institutions of higher learning.

Commitment to the Purpose of

Pursuant to the Bylaws, members of must attest as follows:

"I understand that, by applying to become a member of, Inc. (""), I am committing to support the purposes of the organization, which are to serve as a forum, for persons and entities involved with or interested in Directed exchange over the Internet of electronic health information as part of the Nationwide Health Information Network to: share information; engage in education; identify best practices; develop standards; facilitate security, interoperability and trust among Directed exchange participants; foster public confidence; and otherwise promote the adoption and success of Directed exchange, consistent with state and federal law. I understand, further, that if I am applying on behalf of my organization or employer, I am committing to represent my organization or employer within, as my organization's or employer's duly-authorized delegee."

On behalf of my organization (named above), I attest to the foregoing commitment to the purposes of, and have read and understand the key provisions of the Bylaws by initializng and accepting below.

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Check here to indicate you accept the bylaws.

DirectTrust membership includes participation in DirectTrust Standards as well as the following benefits:

  • Opportunities to influence and shape the DirectTrust Trust Framework
  • Access to DirectTrust deliverables and intellectual property, as well as participation in workgroups
  • Insight into the work being done by your colleagues in the community
  • Discounted access to DirectTrust products
  • Up to date information about the continually evolving regulatory environment

For participation in DirectTrust Standards, DirectTrust Membership is not required.

Please complete the DirectTrust Standards application if you do not wish to enjoy the full membership benefits.

For DirectTrust members and DirectTrust Standards participants:

  • Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable
  • All members must use mature judgment in choosing language used on calls, in posts, and in all other communications with and to other members.
  • All members of DirectTrust are responsible for their behavior and are expected to adhere to all policies, rules and expectations for the workgroup or program they are involved with. Members are held individually responsible for the decisions they make regarding their behavior.
  • All members will adhere to DirectTrust policies, procedures and rules.