Directory Data Aggregation Service

The DirectTrust Directory Data Aggregation Service is meant to promote interoperability of Direct exchange by encouraging the sharing of Direct Address Information among DirectTrust accredited HISPs and their Subscribers on a non-commercial basis, while maintaining the integrity and currency of the Direct Address Information.


To be eligible to participate, a HISP must be:

  • A member in good standing of DirectTrust
  • In the Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle or in the process of joining
  • Agree and execute the Federated Services Agreement
  • We encourage all eligible HISPs to sign up.

Enrollment Process

There are four steps to participate in the Directory Data Aggregation Service.

  1. Execute - the Federated Services Agreement
  2. Enrollment - by providing a self signed organizational Certificate and contact information for a technical contact
  3. Testing – upload your HISPs Directory Data in Test Mode until any development issues are resolved.
  4. Go live – contact DirectTrust to advise you are ready to go live


The Directory Data Aggregation Service is operational and the system is functioning without any issues.

HISPs are publishing their data and receiving consolidated directory data on a regular basis.

Provider Directory Data Aggregation Service User Manual

Click here to download manual

Directory Data Source Example Spreadsheet


Click here to download spreadsheet (PDF)

Directory Data Aggregation Service Member Participation

The following is a list of DirectTrust member HISPs and their status in the Directory Data Aggregation Service as of July, 2018.

HISPActiveTestEnrolledExecuted Agreement
EMR Directxxx
Glenwood Systems,
Health Catalyst (formerly Medicity)xxx
Health Companionxxx
iShare Medicalxxx
Orion Healthxxx
Secure Exchange Solutionsxxx
The Health Collaborativexxx