How does a DirectTrust Member participate?

1. Be a member of DirectTrust in good standing;

2. Offer a product or service that assists consumers and patients to be full participants in Direct exchange, capable of bidirectional Direct messaging with other parties who have valid Direct addresses on the DirectTrust network.  The network is defined as those Direct addresses whose bound end-entity certificate chains to a trust anchor certificate currently in the DirectTrust Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle;

3. Offer its consumer/patient product or service at an affordable price and in a manner that is easy for a consumer/patient to set up and use, including making full and transparent pricing information available to the public within the Program web pages. The following information should be available on the members landing page: 1. How can patients participate? 2.  What is the cost to participate?

4. If the product or service includes identity proofing, issuance of a Direct certificate, assignment of a Direct address and establishment of an account for Direct exchange, or any combination of these HISP and CA/RA services, those services must be provided by an entity currently fully accredited and audited by DirectTrust. HISP Accreditation will be accepted from EHNAC DTAAP HISP or the DirectTrust HISP Accreditation Program in 2017 but after January 1, 2018, HISP Accreditation will only be accepted through the DirectTrust Accreditation Program. Accreditation for CA/RA is provided by EHNAC DTAAP CA/RAs. Further, the organization must be a current participant in the DirectTrust Accredited Trust Anchor Bundle or the DirectTrust Governmental Trust Anchor Bundle;

5. If the product or service includes the establishment of an account within an application/edge client, such as an EHR, web portal, PHR, or “patient-facing application,” and such application/edge client is not an accredited HISP or CA/RA,  the provider/vendor of the application must abide by the HIPAA privacy and security rules, and explicitly state this information to the public and within the Program web pages; and

6. Accept the right of DirectTrust to review its application to participate in the Program, and the right of DirectTrust to refuse participation if the above criteria are not fully met, and the right of DirectTrust to remove the participant from the Program if the criteria above are subsequently violated.