Now You Can Communicate with Your Care Providers

Did you know that there is an existing highly secure communications network of over 1.8 million email addresses for professionals in over 106,000 healthcare organizations? This network allows doctors and hospitals, among others, to securely send and receive healthcare information with those that need it, including their patients.


You’ve just had some medical tests performed and would like to receive the results securely and privately.

Perhaps you want to send these test results to a specialist for a consultation, or you are starting with a new doctor and want to send him/her the results along with your health summary documents.

Don’t trust insecure standard email?

Don’t want the trouble of filling out another long set of forms?   Are you concerned about the privacy and security of your records?

Partnership for Patients is going to work for you!

DirectTrust is proud to announce a new program called

Partnership for Patients

Makes it much easier for you (patients) to share information with medical professionals at hospitals, medical practices, and thousands of other health care provider locations.
Takes advantage of the availability of DirectTrust’s very large national network of trusted connections with health care providers, and extends this network to include consumers and patients as full participants.

How do I get started?

Direct messaging is as easy to use as regular email, but with a big difference.  Direct protects the information through a technology known as encryption and the process of identity assurance, so the privacy of the information is kept secure and reaches only those persons who are authorized to view it.

As with regular email you will receive an address known as a Direct Address from one of our Partnership for Patients Program (P4PP) partners. As part of the application for receiving the address you will prove who you are through a process known as identity assurance. This process will require you to provide proof of your identity using a driver’s license or other documents.

Identity proofing ensures that everyone who uses Direct address is who they say they are and not an imposter trying to trick you.

The Direct Address will be issued by one of our P4PP participating members that are referred to as a HISP (Health Information Service Provider).

Alternatively, you can set up a Direct address and account from a Personal Health Record software vendor who works with an accredited HISP.

Our Partnership for Patients Program partners will handle all of the details for you.  

Five easy steps!


1. Choose an application vendor who offers the Direct exchange services you want in order to engage in sharing health information.

2. Follow their instructions for getting your ID proofed on line or in person.
3. Set up your account with them by following their onboarding instructions.
4. Begin using your Direct address and account to send and receive Direct messages and attachments.
5.Check to see that your doctor or hospital uses Direct messaging and is connected to the DirectTrust network. Most will be. But you will have to ask: “Can you send my medical records to my Direct address?” and “Can you receive messages from me at your Direct address or addresses?”  Let your providers know that this is a service you know they have available to them, and one that you want them to activate to start sharing information securely with you right away.
IdenTrust offers identity proofing and low cost DirectTrust certificates for patients through qualified Healthcare Information Service Providers (HISPs).
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MaxMD an industry leader in secure healthcare communications. Our company has been involved in the secure healthcare business for 8 years.

Hundreds of vendors and thousands of healthcare organizations rely on our DirectTrust accredited and ONC Certified Direct services each day. Easy to integrate into EMRs and other applications, or use with any compatible browser to send and receive messages. 

We are dedicated to improving the process of health information exchange and making it easier for end users to get access to all of their information. Over 10 million consumers are already using our products to access their health information, join us today.
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